Germany, Belgium and England secure World Cup tickets

June 13, 2021
by Jordi Pi LletÝ Social Media Manager

Germany, Belgium and England secure World Cup tickets

The three teams join the organizers Spain and The Netherlands after a brilliant EuroHockey

The teams from Germany, Belgium and England have won the three tickets at stake for the FIH Hockey Women's World Cup 2022 that have been played at EuroHockey 2021. With the passage to the semifinals of the two World Cup hosts, Spain and the Netherlands, together with Germany and Belgium, the fight for fifth place has been more intense than ever for the prize at stake, a World Cup qualification won by the English.

As far as the results of the EuroHockey are concerned, the Netherlands exercised their role as favourites with a 2-0 victory in the final against a good Germany, who despite their great game could not do anything against the team that is, today, the best on the planet and top favorite to regain Olympic gold in Tokyo. In the bronze medal match, Belgium beat Spain 3-1.

The other three teams participating in EuroHockey will have a new chance to get the last European ticket to the World Cup in a knockout championship that will be played in October where there will also be the first five teams of EuroHockey II. The championship winner will qualify for the 2022 FIH Hockey Women's World Cup.