Iberdrola brings all its energy to the FIH Hockey Women's World Cup Terrassa 2022

April 12, 2022
by Jordi Pi LletÝ Social Media Manager

Iberdrola brings all its energy to the FIH Hockey Women's World Cup Terrassa 2022

Iberdrola and the organization of the FIH Hockey Women's World Cup Terrassa 2022 have reached an agreement whereby the company will become the main sponsor of the championship, which will take place from July 1 to 17 at the city's Olympic Stadium.

In this way, Iberdrola, one of the main energy companies in the world and a leader in renewables, reinforces its commitment to women's sports in general and to field hockey in particular, which they have been supporting since 2017 and which, since 2018, has given its name to the Iberdrola League, the most important club competition in Spain.

With the closing of the agreement, the FIH Hockey Women's World Cup Terrassa 2022 Presented by Iberdrola takes a firm step in its objective of ensuring the organization of a world-class sporting spectacle, which will be accompanied by cultural activities of interest to all public.

Edward Elliott, head of sports sponsorship at Iberdrola, an energy company that shares the same values ??as the organization of the World Cup in terms of self-improvement, perseverance, teamwork, inclusion and sustainability, affirms that: “We do not doubt for a moment that Iberdrola I had to be present at this World Cup promoting women's hockey as we have been doing since 2016”. He adds that “we want to continue working to give greater impetus and visibility to hockey hand in hand with the Royal Spanish Federation. The RedSticks have established themselves as a benchmark team for all those girls who start playing hockey and we want all of them to aspire to follow in their footsteps”.

On the other hand, Berta Bonastre, director of the tournament, has shown her happiness for supporting the FIH Women's Hockey World Cup Terrassa 2022 Presented by Iberdrola. “From the first moment they transferred their interest and their desire to spread the same message as us. We are working on an event that helps spread the positive values ??of sport to society, that helps promote sport among youth and increases interest in grassroots hockey to increase the number of practitioners. With companies like Iberdrola, the objective is simpler”.

Iberdrola, a pioneer in promoting sport practiced by women

The promotion of sports practiced by women has become a key lever for Iberdrola and the promotion of real equality between men and women, one of its essential values. In 2016, Iberdrola became the first company to make a firm and global commitment to equality and the empowerment of women through sport. Currently, the company supports 32 federations: gymnastics, triathlon, rugby, canoeing, badminton, football, handball, volleyball, hockey, table tennis, athletics, karate, boxing, surfing, ice sports, fencing, underwater activities, bowling, winter sports, weightlifting, judo, Olympic wrestling, mountain and climbing, swimming, skating, pelota, rowing, squash, taekwondo, tennis, archery and sailing. Likewise, it names 32 leagues, all of them of the highest category, and another 100 competitions with naming right.

Reducing the gender gap in sport is a commitment to women's equality through excellence and translates into an important benchmark for girls, from their practice of physical activity and sports at all levels of the educational system, to point out to them that the path to federated and high-performance sports is also possible for them.

Tickets for the competition can be purchased here.