The Netherlands revalidate the title of world champions in Terrassa

July 19, 2022
by Jordi Pi LletÝ Social Media Manager

The Netherlands revalidate the title of world champions in Terrassa

The Netherlands have been proclaimed for the ninth time, third in a row, new world champions. They have achieved it by beating Argentina (3-1) in a final played at the Estadi Olimpic de Terrassa.

The albiceleste team started strongly, who immediately led the match, twice, to the penalty corner kick. Two actions that became the only ones in this initial set, since the game was concentrated in the spinal cord, with constant alternations in the possession of the ball.

It was with the entrance in the second quarter when the tulips managed to force their first penalty in favor. Opportunity that they did not waste, being María Vieschoor, after a rejection by the Argentine goalkeeper, the author of the goal that broke the tie (1-0, Minute 17). Variation that made the subsequent winners display a great game, which constantly approached the blue and white goal. Thus, in one of them, it became a fast action that ended in the second goal, the work of Frédérique Matla (2-0, Minute 24).

Result with which the break was overcome, which, those of Fernando Ferrara, seemed to enter stronger. However, from a recovery at the back, a quick transition became the third Dutch goal scored by Felice Albers (3-0, Minute 36).

With the triple difference in the light, the final 15 minutes were entered. They came with a goal from Agustina Gorzelany, who with a new success from the penalty corner, reduced distances (3-1, Minute 46). A variation, however, had no continuity, which made the Dutch reissue the title.


BEST PLAYER: María José Granatto (Argentina)

BEST GOALKEEPER: Belén Succi (Argentina)

TOP SCORER: Agustina Gorzelany (Argentina)

BEST JUNIOR PLAYER: Charlotte Englebert (Belgium)