Tips to avoid the heat during the World Cup

June 28, 2021
by Jordi Pi LletÝ Social Media Manager

Tips to avoid the heat during the World Cup

Protect yourself from the sun

Avoid sun exposure in the middle of the day, look for shaded areas and protect yourself from the sun with a good sun cream. Choose the right protection factor for your skin.


To combat the heat it is essential to hydrate frequently. It is imperative to drink enough fluids at a cool temperature. You can also wet your ears with a little cool water from time to time, as this simple trick helps mitigate the heat.

Wear black clothes

It is usually recommended to wear light-colored clothing, since colors in dark tones concentrate heat.

However, it must be remembered that the human body is another source of heat. White clothing reflects the warm temperature of the body, but does not let it out. The heat ends up returning to the body. However black clothing will absorb it.

Wear a cap or hat

These accessories are important to protect yourself from the sun's rays. Make sure they are made of synthetic fibers that do not absorb sweat. In addition, they must have ventilation to allow perspiration and heat to dissipate.

Make light meals

Eating fresh foods rich in vitamins and minerals will help you beat the heat, stay hydrated and stay healthy. The best foods, due to their high water content, are vegetables and fruits.

Do not abuse caffeinated, alcoholic, or sugary drinks

Instead of providing greater freshness, ice cream, soft drinks or processed juices activate the loss of body fluid and, in some cases, increase heat. Alcohol, on the other hand, produces dehydration: loss of liquids and mineral salts.

Cool key areas

Applying cold to areas such as the wrists, behind the knees, the neck, and the neck is a simple and useful option to combat the heat. The reason is that the veins and arteries are much closer to the skin. In this way, when in contact with a bag of cold water, the temperature of the blood flow and circulation decreases. The effect: greater freshness in your body.

Ask for help

In the event that you do not feel well, look for a volunteer or security personnel.