Redsticks want 2022 to be Terrassa's year

December 3, 2021
by Jordi Pi LletÝ Social Media Manager

Redsticks want 2022 to be Terrassa's year

The players join forces to go for gold in a fun video

While 2016 was Rio's year and 2021 Tokyo's, 2022 will be Terrassa's. This catalan city will host FIH Hockey Women's World Cup 2022, with the best 16 teams in the planet. The Redsticks players Maialen Garcia and Xantal Giné join their head coach Adrian Lock to go for gold.

The Spanish women's national field hockey team, the Redsticks, will play Terrassa 2022 World Cup in Terrassa's Olympic Stadium. The same venue that held the hockey competition in Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games, where Spanish women got the gold medal. A historical achievement that, thirty years later, the Redsticks want to repeat.

So, today, you can sit on your sofa, with a blanket and some popcorn and enjoy this spectacular video in TV. But from July 1st to 17th, we want to see you all in Terrassa enjoying an even more spectacular World Cup!